Adidas uses YouTube trends in new campaign

Instead of relying on increasingly fast-paced, colorful, and entertaining videos, Adidas uses long-form “Oddly Satisfying Content” to promote the Adidas ZX 2K Boost.

In the world of social media, companies are vying for users’ attention. One of the most important tips? Short, snappy video content. It’s been said for years that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. And platforms like TikTok, which have found enthusiastic imitators with Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts, continue to contribute. Adidas is now showing in a new campaign that there is another way. In addition to entertaining videos, there is a second trend on social media that the sporting goods manufacturer is using for itself – Oddly Satisfying Content.

Instead of short and fast, Adidas uses long videos

To promote the ZX 2K Boost shoe model, Adidas collaborated with advertising agency Johannes Leonardo to launch the ZXience Network. This offers exactly 12 hours of video content at once with 50 films. Adidas uses trends that are absolute antitheses to TikTok and co. ASMR, cake cutting or slime videos inspire millions of users in social media and especially on the video platform YouTube.

Adidas takes advantage of the fascination for this usually rather long-format content and produced the videos for the network with the help of artists and experts. Each of the videos focuses on the shoe in a different way. In one video, the ZX 2K Boost is baked as a realistic cake, while in another, optical illusion artist Dain Yoon makes up the shoe.

But of course, this campaign is also based on social media. Adidas makes the videos of the individual creators available under the hashtag #adidasZX. With the campaign, the company shows how trends can be creatively picked up and implemented for themselves.

In one way or another, this can be done for almost any product. Even without a budget as big as Adidas’, brands and companies can present themselves in a modern and contemporary way and create content that fits natively into the social feed of many users.


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