Facebook & Instagram Shops combine 1 million shops & 250 million users

Not only has Facebook brought together its family of apps in the area of social commerce with Shops, but the visibility of shops is also increasing, especially on Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram Shops are rising to over one million shops

The integration of Instagram Shops into the main navigation has caused mixed reactions and I have to say that I prefer to see product inspirations in the feed, in Stories or in Reels and hardly ever go to the Shopping tab.

When it comes to social media marketing, however, it is always a mistake to assume only one’s own usage behaviour. Shops on Facebook and Instagram not only generate a lot of interaction, they are now also used by 250 million people. Mark Zuckerberg gave this figure on Clubhouse (via CNBC) and he sees Shops as one of the strengths within the Facebook Family of Apps. Especially when it comes to the future of the platforms in connection with iOS14.

84% of Instagram users use the social network to discover new products. This is exactly where the smooth integration and link to Instagram Shopping comes in. If more and more companies offer shops on Instagram and Facebook, this is worth a lot to Zuckerberg and creates its own data source, which continues to grow independently of websites and mobile apps.

1 million shops are just the beginning for Instagram and Facebook

There are already over 1 million shops in the Facebook cosmos. The majority of these will be Instagram shops. Through the integration of the shopping tab on Instagram, the more prominent display of shops in their own Instagram account and the increasingly diverse formats, more and more companies and creators are to be turned into shopping provider

With Instagram Check-Out, Zuckerberg then has another feature available that maps the entire purchasing process directly on Instagram. Again, the connection to iOS14. Shops were at the top of the agenda for Facebook, but due to the developments around Apple and Google, shops have become even more important. We can assume that we will see a lot more information and almost certainly new functions in the near future.

Social commerce ecosystem on Instagram

While Instagram Shopping started with shopping tags for organic posts, there is now a whole ecosystem. Besides shopping tags, we have shopping ads, collections, branded content with shopping, own shops in the Instagram account, check-out and own stickers for product launches in Stories.

So a lot has already happened since the launch. The Corona pandemic has accelerated the development of shops and the offensives by Apple and Google will also make their contribution.

Instead of Facebook Pay: Shopify Pay launches for Instagram and Facebook Shops

Anyone who wants to buy a product online on Facebook or Instagram usually has to pay for it via Facebook Pay. But now there is another option for users. Through a partnership between Facebook and the e-commerce software Shopify, Shopify Pay is being introduced as a payment method. Shopify officially announced the news in its own newsroom. This is the first partnership of its kind, as Shopify services were not previously available outside of its own platform.

Shopify Pay launches on Facebook and Instagram

Shopify Pay was used in 137 million orders in 2020, according to the company. The payment method allows users to save their data, such as their email address, credit card number and delivery address, and not have to enter it again the next time they place an order. This makes the check-out process up to 70 per cent faster, Shopify explains, which can be seen in a 1.72 times higher conversion rate.

More Shopify features to be rolled out to Facebook and Instagram shops

For users, payment could mean a greater sense of security. The outrage over WhatsApp’s privacy policy update recently showed how little trust many users have in Facebook’s privacy practices. According to this, users could react to the request to pass on their payment data to Facebook when checking out. As an alternative, introducing a payment method that is already known and trusted by many can only support Facebook on its way to becoming an e-commerce giant.

Shopify also announced that more Shopify features will be made available in Facebook and Instagram shops. According to Business Insider, Shopify’s stock rose eight percent yesterday (Tuesday) following the announcement. As of today, Shopify Pay is available as a payment method for all Shopify merchants in the US who use Check-out on Instagram. For those using Check-out on Facebook, it is set to roll out in the US in the coming weeks. All other countries will have to wait a little longer for the launch.

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