How brands leverage private groups and micro-communities

How do you get to the customer in the crowded world of social media? Fashion brands are currently taking a different approach and exploring the potential of private groups and micro-communities.

Private Instagram account of @RealGlowGang to target consumers
Instagram Account @RealGlowGang

Social media is like a crowded bar with nowhere to sit. The result is that people enjoy it less – and that’s a big problem for brands and businesses.

The solution is said to be private groups and micro-communities on social media. It’s all about quality, not quantity. Brands that have explored the potential of mobile messaging include Coach and Urban Outfitters.

Private groups convey a sense of specialness

Micro-communities make people feel special. Private messaging and communities have the potential to increase customer brand empathy, which directly impacts brand loyalty. Accordingly, it allows brands to create individualized messages for each subset of consumers, rather than pursuing a generic solution.

Private messaging and micro-communities can also exist on traditional social platforms and workplace tools. Glossier, a beauty brand founded in 2014, experimented in its early years with Slack, known primarily as a workplace messaging tool, and set up its own channel for about 1,000 of its most engaged fans. The beauty company had been collecting valuable feedback in the form of Instagram comments, tweets, and emails, as well as posts on its 19,000-member Facebook group and posts.

In January of this year, popular K-Beauty brand Glow Recipe launched a private Instagram account, @RealGlowGang. In doing so, the company saw the need to create a safe online space to encourage more intimate and honest dialogues with consumers. They wanted this platform to foster connections, not only between [the brand] and its followers but also within the community itself.

Engaged consumers have a closer relationship with the brand

Customers who feel more connected to a brand are more likely to spread positive sentiment about its products and services. Engaged consumers also spend significantly more on average and show a high willingness to forgive mistakes. This unusual determination makes them a fertile testing ground for new services – as they are willing to overlook missteps – and perfect targets for exclusive products.

It’s a very exciting approach to engaging your customers in today’s cluttered world. Especially through the close relationship that brands build with their customers offers huge potential. So it remains exciting whether several brands will rely on private groups.

Source: Vogue Business

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