Instagram enables keyword search

Instagram now offers the ability to search for content using keywords instead of limiting searches to hashtags.

Instagram introduces keyword search. Potential for Instagram SEO?

Instagram is expanding its search functionality, allowing users to find content based on keywords for the first time. Previously, users could only search for content based on hashtags, location tags, usernames and profile names. This left a whole host of non-searchable content in the caption area unaccounted for.

With the new feature, users can now search for posts using keywords that may appear in photo and video captions. Accordingly, Instagram search can now be compared with Google search, and the texts in the caption thus gain significant importance.

How does Instagram keyword search work?

Keyword search works by allowing users to type in a keyword like “home office inspiration” rather than limiting themselves to a hashtag like #homeofficeinspiration.

The search results should then turn up posts about home office inspiration, even if they aren’t specifically labeled as such. It is known that Instagram uses captions to display posts for keyword searches, but even then, many questions remain.

  • Can Instagram’s algorithm understand synonyms?
  • Is there any artificial intelligence or machine learning that can help the algorithm recognize what is being represented in an image?

Potential for Instagram SEO?

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this update, at least for marketers and search enthusiasts, is the potential for Instagram SEO. Previously, the only way to optimize Instagram posts was to include relevant hashtags and perhaps a location tag (if applicable). Now there is a whole new algorithm that marketers can understand and optimize for. For the first time, we can actually have discussions about Instagram ranking factors.

Instagram Keyword Search is scheduled to launch in English on Nov. 17, 2020, for all users in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. When exactly the function will come to Germany remains open. What is certain is that by then we will know more about the algorithm behind the search and can thus better assess how the function can be used for more reach.

In addition to the keyword search, Instagram ultimately publishes more and more new features and updates, such as the Shopping and Reels button in the navigation bar. It remains exciting which innovations really bring success and especially which functions will be released in the future by the social network.

Source: The Verge

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