Instagram launches shopping in reels

Shopping is launched globally in Instagram Reels, turning the app into a shopping catalog.

The new feature was announced back in October, as part of an ongoing series of shopping-related updates to the platform. With the launch, businesses as well as creators and influencers can tag products in their reels.

A branded content tag is also available for influencers who are paid for their posts. With this rollout, Instagram now offers direct shopping in every format of the app – the Feed, Stories, IGTV and Instagram Live.

Many Reels videos already show shopping content

There are already many reels with shopping content, such as fashion looks, makeup and skincare, or other product tutorials. When users view an Instagram Reel with this content, they can now tap a “View Products” button to either purchase, save, or learn more about the featured products.

The launch is only a logical step towards a shopping platform on the part of Instagram.

Instagram becomes more and more a shopping platform

In general, shopping is very important for Instagram and Facebook as the platforms try to diversify their revenues. Both platforms make their money primarily from ads, but Shopping offers the opportunity to profit from sales fees. In the case of Instagram, users are already looking for inspiration and products, so the ability to buy directly in the app will simplify this process. It even completely redesigned the home screen to make Shopping and Reels more prominent.

The update makes shopping an even bigger focus for Instagram than it already is, and comes at a time when video-based shopping is becoming more popular. You can see this trend with many companies that are now increasing their focus on live shopping.

Source: The Verge

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