Instagram Professional Dashboard for Businesses & Creators

Instagram is improving its internal stats tool with the Instagram Professional Dashboard. Businesses can get more information and tips on how to improve their own content and further their education in the Professional Dashboard.

Already tested since November 2020, Instagram introduces the Professional Dashboard today. There, companies and creators will receive all important information about their own account.

Instagram Professional Dashboard Features

In the dashboard, various information is brought together in one central place. If you are intensively involved with your own Instagram activities and statistics, you probably won’t discover a lot of new information, but you will definitely be able to access it faster. The dashboard is divided into the following three sections.

1. Instagram Performance

This section deals with the account statistics. Thus, you can find the statistics about your own account performance here. In the overview, Instagram displays the statistics on reach. From here, all other statistics can be accessed.

Unfortunately, the social network work has not extended the period of the statistics, and figures for a maximum of 30 days are available. If you want to dive deeper into your statistics, you should continue to use external tools.

2. Grow your Business

This section contains information about ads and features. Grow your Business is a much-reduced Business Manager variant. Here, the photo network displays a link to placed ads, branded content, predefined responses for Instagram Direct and Instagram Shopping.

3. Stay Informed

This section provides information, guidance, and tips for your account performance. As the name suggests, you’ll find more in-depth information about available features in “Stay informed”. Think of this section as a link to the Instagram blog and various official tutorials.

Different Instagram Professional Dashboards for Creator

The content displayed differs depending on the type of account. So Creators see slightly different content than businesses, which is welcome.

For example, Businesses see information about Instagram Shopping, Creators get instructions on how to set up IGTV ads.

All company profiles and Creator accounts have access to the new dashboard. It is currently being rolled out and will be successively expanded with additional functions and information.

How do I get access to the dashboard?

The dashboard will be released gradually to all creators and companies. So you will definitely need to have such an account. When the time comes, you will see a banner “View professional dashboard” at the top of your profile. For now, most accounts still have the “Professional Resources” indication, which is the previous version of the dashboard.

The dashboard serves as an overview. Nothing more and nothing less. We are happy about every improvement in the official tools, but the dashboard is still far away from the functional scope of a Facebook Business Manager. In the long run, a meaningful linking of the various tools would be desirable. Even though Instagram is a mobile-only network, the tools should also be usable on the desktop. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the new dashboard.

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