Branded Content Tag in Instagram Reels

Instagram has introduced the Branded Content Tag for Reels. This makes it easier to tag partnerships between companies and influencers. Soon, this feature will also be available for Instagram Live Video.

Instagram launches branded content tag in reels videos

As with normal posts, the update now also allows reels to be marked with a paid partnership. This has the advantage that users see directly that it is advertising. The label is displayed in the reels directly under the influencer’s username (see screenshot).

In addition, this feature is currently being tested in various markets for Instagram Live Videos. This is another step towards teleshopping on the part of Facebook. Instagram released the following statement about the innovation.

“We want to ensure creators can clearly disclose when they’re creating branded content, no matter what format they choose to use. To help increase transparency, the Branded Content tag is launching in Reels today, and will begin testing in Live in the coming weeks.”

Businesses can post directly from influencer account

In addition, the social network is introducing a new workflow. This allows companies or advertisers to post directly from the influencer or creator’s account. This makes the process between brand and influencer even easier for both sides.

  • First step: Businesses or advertisers need to go to Influencer and send a request for access to ad creation through Influencer’s account.
  • Second step: Influencer or creator accepts access to ad creation.
  • Third step: Influencer or Creator receives a notification about the created ad for approval. Before a created ad is published by the company, the influencer receives a notification for final approval. After that, the post will be published.

This will make the collaboration between influencer and companies/brands much easier in the future and increase the effectiveness. The fact that the social network wants to further promote collaboration between influencers and businesses shows that Instagram wants to continue to push their social commerce efforts.

Source: Instagram

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