Instagram Rooms: Video Chats with up to 50 People

Instagram Messenger Rooms are here since June 2020 – Here we show you how to create and join group conversations with up to 50 people in the photo app!

Instagram Rooms allow video calls with up to 50 people on Instagram

As part of Facebook’s Messenger Rooms rollout in late May 2020, users can now set up Rooms for their friends and followers.

Are you ready to join a video party? Then pay close attention now, because we’ll explain everything you need to know about Rooms in this blog post.

How do Instagram Rooms work?

Messenger Rooms is a new way to participate in a video call with up to 50 other people. This new feature is essentially a new feature due to the increased demand for video calls during the COVID-19 epidemic.

You can create a private room and invite a few friends with a link, or you can create a room for a group or event. And the best news is that anyone can join a Messenger Room – you don’t need a Facebook or Instagram profile to use the tool. You can bring the community together from just about anywhere!


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As you can see in the video above, the new feature is accessible via Direct. Messenger Rooms are logically hosted in Messenger. So while you can create a Room within Instagram, you’ll still need to switch to Messenger to join the video chat.

How to set up Instagram Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms are really easy to create, as the video shows. Your guests don’t even need a Facebook or Instagram account to join if you share the direct URL.

If you don’t see the option to set up a space. It may be because Facebook has yet to roll out the feature globally, so you may have to wait depending on your region. Remember to update your app regularly to keep an eye on the feature.

As mentioned earlier, it’s still too early to make any definitive statements about it. Providing more ways for people to connect with Rooms and new presentation and/or sharing options could change things significantly. No doubt Facebook will do more in this regard. So it remains exciting.

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