Instagram Stories are for Stories Only: Instagram Testing a Change in Sharing Stories

Instagram wants more exclusive Stories content and prevents some users from sharing feed posts in the Stories section. Various formats can be shared in Instagram Stories. On the one hand, this strengthens the distribution of reels and IGTV, but on the other hand, it takes away the original appeal of the Stories format.


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Negative Feedback on Shared Feed Posts as Instagram Story

For this reason, it may soon no longer be possible to share content from the Instagram feed as a Story. According to Instagram, there has been increasingly negative feedback about shared feed posts in Stories. You know the typical teasers in Stories like “New post online, check my profile”. Why this is done is obvious. People share their own content in different ways on the social network, such as Stories.

Duplicate Content and Less Timeliness Due to Shared Content

Originally, sharing feed posts as stories was intended to attract more users to the format. The approach was certainly the right one, but if every piece of content is shared and displayed in several places, Stories and the feed lose their topicality.

If the post has been seen in the story, it loses relevance in the feed. If the post has already been displayed in the feed, the story with the share no longer has any added value. Duplication and repetition of content have long been an important issue for social networks. Ideally, all content must be individual and up-to-date.

Instagram stops sharing feed posts as Instagram Stories

Instagram informs its users that feed posts can no longer be shared as stories

However, it is important to distinguish what kind of feed posts are shared. If it is the user’s own content, then it can lead to double playout. However, if it is feed posts from other accounts, then this is rather unlikely and the sharing of feed posts leads to users discovering new accounts and content.

The number of shared feed posts in Stories has increased significantly and there are some accounts whose Stories only consist of shared posts. This is not in the spirit of the social network and apparently not to the taste of many users.

If Instagram is going to be active here, then other areas should be looked at as well. For example, the cross-sharing of Instagram Stories as Facebook Stories. Here, the content is also mirrored, and if Instagram posts are now also shared on Facebook, you can theoretically see the same content six times.

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