7 Link Building Strategies for Valuable Backlinks

Everyone who has ever dealt with the topic of SEO has sooner or later come across the subject of backlinks and link building.

Link Building strategies for your website

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in the eyes of the search engine. Good links contribute significantly to good rankings and high visibility.

In this article, we will show you 7 favorite link building strategies to build valuable and topic-relevant backlinks to maximize the organic traffic of projects – let’s go!

A backlink is a link from another website to your website. Search engines see these links as a recommendation that the linked website contains more information about a topic.

Among the many ranking factors that search engines like Google use to evaluate a website, backlinks are without question among the most important. An excellent backlink from a strong website can skyrocket your visibility.

Simply speaking, Google understands this backlink as a recommendation and a website with many backlinks (i.e. many recommendations) is rewarded by Google with a lot of authority and better rankings.

Attention. This does not mean (anymore) that as many backlinks as possible, no matter from which websites, will increase the visibility of your website.

It is important to pay attention to various factors – if you do link building incorrectly and, for example, do not pay attention to topic relevance or acquire backlinks from dubious websites, you put the visibility of your website at risk.

The Google search engine takes various factors into account when it analyzes your link profile. Among the things Google pays attention to are:

The authority of a website (also called Domain Authority) is made up of various factors, for example: age of the domain, number of backlinks, trust, etc. The higher the Domain Authority, the more valuable the backlink. By the way, the authority is measured differently by different tools and there is no one Domain Authority as a universal KPI.

Is the linking website highly trusted by Google or does it stand out due to dubious link building tactics, thin content or lack of security? The more trustworthy the linking website, the more valuable the backlink.

The anchor text is the clickable text of a hyperlink. “Click here”, for example, is not a particularly good anchor text, as it does not provide any information about the link’s destination address. The more precise the anchor text, the better. However, “over-optimization” of the anchor text should be avoided as well.

A backlink placed at the very top of a page is more valuable than a backlink positioned at the very bottom. Footer or sidebar links are also less valuable. Home page backlinks, on the other hand, are particularly effective. In short, the position of the backlink also plays an important role in Google’s evaluation.

Link attributes such as nofollow, ugc or sponsored give the search engine indications of how it should evaluate the link. Nofollow, for example, indicates to Google that the crawler should not follow the link. Nofollow backlinks are accordingly less valuable, but still play an important role for a natural link profile.

If a medical portal links to a doctor’s website, this is a topic-relevant backlink. If a car repair shop links to a doctor’s website, this is not topic relevant. The stronger the topic relevance, the stronger the backlink.

In addition to the factors mentioned, there are others that Google uses when evaluating a website. That is why it is important to constantly keep yourself informed about changes in the Google algorithm. Below we show you 7 factors for a successful link building strategy.

1. Publish Guest Articles on other Websites

Guest articles are a great way to communicate your expertise, raise your profile and of course, place a high quality and most importantly, topic relevant backlink.

So look for magazines, blogs and websites in your niche and ask if you can publish a guest article on a topic. In addition to the backlink, which is often implemented in the form of an author description, you can use the reach of established magazines to draw attention to yourself.

So, guest articles are an extremely powerful link building strategy that you can use to place a topic-relevant backlink to your website. Again, the portals should be chosen carefully and checked for topic relevance, trust and authority.

Link lists are a simple link building strategy. Search Google for link lists under relevant search terms. Once a relevant link list is found, you can write to the website owners and ask if your website can be included in the list.

Placement in link lists may not give you a drastic SEO boost. This is a simple strategy to get topic relevant backlinks.

There is always a dispute about the usefulness and effectiveness of directory backlinks. Some consider backlinks from company and business directories to be ineffective, while others consider this to be an important basic link building strategy that is part of a natural link profile.

Directory links can be beneficial especially for new websites and for certain industries to build initial backlinks and create a base for off-page SEO.

Be sure to use only high-quality directories and check which business and industry directories your competitors appear in (which may already have good rankings).

4. Content Marketing

If you have already created a link building base and built up your first backlinks, you should slowly approach the really high-quality and effective link building strategies.

The best option from our point of view: Create linkable assets, for example in the form of infographics, online tools or other special content and market them in the form of a content marketing campaign.

By discovering “content gaps” for certain topics and being able to serve them, you have the chance to build valuable backlinks that will give you excellent rankings and more authority on Google.

Link building content marketing example for successful off-page SEO.
Example for successful Content Marketing

For example, by creating elaborate visual content on a topic and submitting it to other websites for free use (on the condition that you cite the source in the form of a backlink), you can get backlinks that your competitors can’t serve.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

You can also build excellent and natural backlinks through testimonials or interviews.

Do you use certain tools, products or services? Check the provider’s website for testimonials and customer testimonials and ask the respective person in charge if you can also give the product or service a positive review.

Most companies are very grateful for such testimonials. In most cases, you can provide your URL or at least your company and thus collect valuable backlinks that strengthen your off-page SEO.

Competitor check is a must-have in link building strategy that should always be done to “replicate” link profiles of strong competitors.

So, first check which competitors enjoy more visibility than you and are ahead of you in the competition. In the next step, analyze the link profile of your competitors, for example using the hrefs tool.

You can now see where your competitors have been able to collect backlinks and get new ideas on which websites you can potentially be linked too.

What many don’t know: Mentions (i.e. mentions of your company without a backlink) also send positive signals to Google and can positively influence your domain authority and rankings.

Therefore, a mere mention is by no means a bad thing. Nevertheless, you can check if your company has already been mentioned on other websites and politely ask the website owners if they can change the mention into a link to the company website.

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