LinkedIn reports 1 billion interactions with company pages each month

Every three seconds, LinkedIn gains another user and this is also reflected in their engagement: anyone who wants to engage in B2B marketing and B2B communication in 2021 will not be able to avoid LinkedIn. Learn more about the current statistics of the social network in this post.

LinkedIn Engagement is growing enormously.

Engagement on LinkedIn is growing in almost all areas

User activity and LinkedIn engagement in general are at record levels. Every month there are over 1 billion interactions with company pages. These interactions are once due to high usage time and once due to high content volume.

The number of published content on LinkedIn company pages in 2020 increased by 60%. This alone is an indicator of how much engagement has increased.

But it’s not just LinkedIn engagement with company pages that are growing. The number of conversations between active members has also increased significantly by 55%. User numbers are increasing and there are more and more networking on LinkedIn.

This drives interactions, but of course also the growing number of published posts on LinkedIn. Direct messages alone are up 23% in 2020.

The social network is also becoming an increasingly important part of B2B communication when it comes to virtual events. 6.3 million people participated in a virtual event on LinkedIn in 2020.

Why B2B Marketers build on LinkedIn (Source: Business.LinkedIn)

Nearly 100% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content publishing

Why you should implement your B2B communication on LinkedIn confirms the already existing situation. 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content publishing.

If such a high number of marketers already rely on LinkedIn, then you should also become active yourself. Every three seconds, the social platform gains a new user and these new users are immediately exposed to a wealth of content.

The higher number of published posts also simultaneously boosts ads. 80% invest media budget on LinkedIn. Be it for campaigns, or also for the media extension of the published content.

In 2021, LinkedIn marketing and the use of the B2B network, in general, will continue to increase and professionalize. For the social network, the consistent further development of the ad platform will be a central building block for further success.

The increasing amount of content will also ensure higher competition in the feed. Thus, reaching the right target groups via a targeted distribution of content through ads will be one of the decisive factors. As we know from other social networks, organic communication and paid strategy will merge ever more closely. Only those who take a holistic view of LinkedIn marketing will also be able to exploit the channel’s full potential.

Source: business.linkedin

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