Pinterest Boom: Number of Boards Created Grows by 35%

Like many social networks, Pinterest has also benefited from the Corona crisis. At least when it comes to user growth and user activity. This high activity also leads to new features that preserve boards and make them easier to manage.

Pinterest Boards created increased hugely

In 2020, the number of Pinterest boards created per month increased by 35%. Especially on the topics of beauty, fashion and home decor, the boards created have grown noticeably.

The more boards are created in one’s own profile and the more content is saved, the more extensive the management of the boards becomes. On average, there are over 150 saved contents in actively used boards. This makes the boards not only partially confusing, but also makes a lot of work when cleaning up and sorting. A new toolbar for boards should now help here.

New toolbar for Pinterest boards

With the new toolbar, boards can now be cleaned up more easily. Especially when working with orders in boards, this is very helpful. Saving content on Pinterest is easy. But if you save a lot of content and want to assign them all to different folders, it costs time and also sometimes a wrong assignment to the right folder.

Now the pins can be selected and moved to the appropriate folder with a few clicks. Deleting multiple pins is also easier. The toolbar is available in the Pinterest app and in the desktop version.

Save and display top pins

In addition to easier sorting of pins and editing of boards, content can also be saved as a favorite. Pinterest users and also companies can select individual pins and then favorite them.

The advantage here is also the subsequent sorting. If pins are marked as favorites, you can sort boards by favorites. For example, if Pinterest users save your pins or remember content from your website, then they can be marked as favorites and displayed higher up on the boards.

Add notes to pins

Notes to yourself is a new saved pins section where you can add private notes so you can easily refer back to them and take action.

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