Pinterest Story Pins: When Ideas Become Stories

Pinterest Story Pins stand for new possibilities to share ideas and inspirations on the image search engine. Stories are the new feed or an additional channel for vertical content. One social network that focuses on the feed is Pinterest. The combination of search, feed, and boards is what makes Pinterest so appealing. But what role could Stories play?

Pinterest Story Pins

Pinterest Story Pins first appeared in the summer of 2019. After a rather long test phase, they are now in the rollout. However, the image search engine is still talking about a beta phase. Those who already use Pinterest Stories have noticed that the new format works well and without problems.

Now more and more people on Pinterest are enjoying Story Pins. This leads to significantly higher visibility of the Story Pins and thus presumably also to better performance.

How Pinterest Story Pins differentiate themselves from other Story Formats

While we have Stories on YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and of course Instagram, Pinterest had focused on other content formats until now. Search, in particular, is an important element of Pinterest, which would argue against a focus on Stories, as is the case with Instagram.

Here, however, there is the first decisive difference to Instagram right away. Pinterest Story Pins are also displayed as results in the search. This again significantly enhances the new format.

Story Pins can also be bookmarked and permanently linked to the profile. This also applies to your own followers. If you publish a Story Pin, it spreads like all other content on Pinterest, and with an unlimited half-life. This brings us to the second big difference. Pinterest Stories are available forever and do not disappear after 24 hours.

Pinterest Stories Following Streams

Pinterest Story Pins Following Streams are the equivalent of the Stories section on Instagram. Following accounts that create Story Pins have their new content appear in a separate section of the Pinterest app. The pins appear in the “For You” section of Pinterest, and in addition to the accounts’ names, the image search engine also shows how many new Story Pins are available.

Pinterest Stories following Streams new feature

Since Pinterest Stories are permanently available, the Story Stream updates, but no content disappears after 24 hours. From the stream, you can view the stories directly, or also call up the account.

With the separate area for Story Pins, the format moves further into focus. In addition, followers on Pinterest are upgraded, as only content from accounts that are displayed in the Story Stream. While the search and the content recommendations through the algorithm continue to be the core of Pinterest, the Story Streams also bring followers back into focus.

Additional information for Story Pins

Another exciting feature is the option to enrich Story Pins with additional information. Voice-overs and of course text elements can be added. Information such as ingredients for a recipe can also be linked directly to a Story. If Story Pins contain a recipe, a button with the ingredients is displayed in the Story. This leads to a significantly higher dwell time with the Story.

Pinterest allows up to 20 elements to be integrated into a “Story”. Besides photos, texts and the mentioned ingredients, links can also be set. Links are an important part of the feed and make the image search engine a relevant traffic provider.

Furthermore, Pinterest Story pins differ in the way they can be shared and saved. All published stories can be saved to boards. What’s interesting here is that you save the entire story and not just a single story element. So if you create Story Pins, you can also create your own Stories board. Analogous to the Story Highlights on Instagram, but with better options for linking.

Pinterest tags Story Pins in the feed and they are optimized for mobile use. However, they are also played out on the desktop. In the feed, Pinterest shows how many elements a Story consists of. At the end of the story, there is also a link to the user’s own profile and an ad for the account’s followers, as well as the likes that the story pins have received.

What do Pinterest Stories mean for businesses?

While a lot of content on Pinterest is saved and created by users, Stories are clearly moving in the direction of content production. Of course, there is content and ads produced specifically for the platform. However, a high volume of pins is generated on websites. Story Pins are therefore an additional content format on Pinterest, which offers companies and creators new opportunities, but is certainly relatively distinct from other content.

Companies that are active on Pinterest, create their own content, and publish regularly, will also deal with the new format. However, those who focus on their website and use Pinterest more passively should also look into Story Pins. As always, it will be a matter of what do I want to achieve as a company and what can Story Pins contribute to this.

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