Snapchat Spotlight: The new TikTok competitor of the camera app

Snapchat is finally ready to compete with TikTok and will pay creators to post on the platform. Snapchat is giving away $1 million per day to users who post content using the new Spotlight feature.

Snapchat is investing heavily in promoting its new Spotlight feature. Spotlight is described as Snapchat’s answer to TikTok, as it allows users to create similar types of content. Spotlight lets users create short videos up to 60 seconds long and edit them with creative tools: Captions, Licensed Music, Original Audio, Augmented Reality Filters (referred to as Lenses), GIFs, and Hashtags.

The power of viral short videos

Snapchat calls the feature “Spotlight” because it’s designed to highlight entertaining videos from all users, regardless of the number of followers or influence they have. To encourage people to post Snaps regularly, the company says it will split $1 million daily between the app’s most popular creators by the end of 2020.

That means if someone has a particularly viral video, they could earn a big chunk of the pot. It doesn’t matter if that person has a large number of subscribers; the amount people receive is based mostly on unique views compared to other snaps that day. Users can continue to earn from their video if it is popular for several days at a time.


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Spotlight, which gets its own menu item in the app, launches in 11 countries, including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Australia. When you open the Spotlight tab, snaps that you might like are shown. As always, the algorithm determines exactly which videos are shown. This decision is mainly based on what you have seen in the past. Anyone can submit a Snap, they just need to tap “Spotlight” when posting to make sure they fill out the section.

How can users submit content to Spotlight?

Users can submit content to Spotlight by creating a Snap in the usual way. Next, at the top of the Submit To screen, there is a new option to select Spotlight. From there, click the Send button in the lower right corner and the content will be submitted. Users have the option to add topics to their Snap before sending it to Spotlight. This way, the content will be shown to people who are interested in that topic.

How can Snapchat users make money with Spotlight?

Whether a Spotlight submission makes money is determined by a formula based on how many unique views it receives compared to other content submitted that day. Snapchat is actively monitored for fraud to ensure that the number of views is not artificially inflated.

Earnings are paid out to users daily, and Snapchat sends a direct message to notify people who are awarded a share of the money. As far as I can tell, there’s no limit to how many times the same person can earn money from Spotlight content. So users who win can continue to submit content to potentially earn more prize money.

Does the new format set itself apart from TikTok?

Although the format is very reminiscent of TikTok, Snap says it made specific decisions based on its user base. For one, there is no public comment section in Spotlight, and the profiles themselves are private by default, allowing users to maintain their privacy.

The Spotlight section has been hinted at for months, as Snapchat announced back in August. Until now, however, the app lacked a feed for this type of content. With Spotlight, Snap is clearly acknowledging the success of TikTok’s viral short-form videos, much like Instagram did with the introduction of Reels in August. In Instagram’s case, however, it’s clearly allowing people to bring their TikTok content to the platform. Snap is instead trying to encourage people to use its own creation tools and prevent monetization fraud by keeping people in its app. Stories used to be the format everyone wanted to copy, thanks to its success on Snapchat. Now it’s TikTok video.

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