Social Media Marketing in 2021: What Brands & Companies Should Invest In

The year 2020 is now over and it was a special year for digital marketing with several challenges. No one can say exactly what social media marketing will look like in 2021. What 2020 has clearly shown, however, is in which areas there is often still potential for improvement.

Social Media Marketing in 2021 - Improvement potential for brands and firms.

In this article, we give our assessment and recommendation without specifically talking about trends for social media marketing in 2021. You can read about those in another blog post.

In our opinion, the following five recommendations are crucial for companies’ social media marketing in 2021 in order to operate successful social media marketing in the long term. The recommendations are based on trends, the status quo, and experience.

Potential for Social Media Marketing in 2021

Take Care of Vertical Videos

Vertical videos and vertical content in general are no longer a trend for 2021. However, they continue to be a big challenge for brands and businesses. You can see this with ads for Instagram Stories, for example, or with Snapchat ads, as well as with organic Stories, Instagram Reels, and TikTok videos.

Far too often still, the opportunities are not being exploited. Vertical content is not adapted properly, so that content is not displayed optimally.

What you often see, especially with Instagram Stories, is that products and your own brand are presented much too late. Whether organic or paid doesn’t matter for the time being. The vertical content must attract attention from second 1 and communicate a clear message.

Use the Activity and Creativity of the Creators on Social Meda

If anyone has recognized the importance of creators, it’s the social networks themselves.Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. know exactly how crucial creators are for their own platforms. While influencer marketing is now an integral part of many brands and companies, it continues to be underutilized by at least as many.

This is not about marketing discount codes and advent calendars. It’s about topics like content production, branded content, authentic product communication, and integrating your own products into modern formats. Use the activity and creativity of the creators for your company.

For example, take a look at how much Instagram and TikTok invest in Creator. Snap Inc. pays its Creators $1M daily to keep the new Spotlight Feed stocked with content.

Communicate with your Target Group in Real Time

Unfortunately, when we talk about brand communication, we are still far too often talking about one-way communication. The importance of social media marketing cannot be denied by many companies. But when it really comes to social and interaction with customers, this number is quickly reduced again.

Especially when it comes to livestreaming and real-time communication, one-sided communication is quickly no longer on the radar of users. Many livestreams have failed for this very reason.Instead of focusing on live communication and responding to comments and questions, the focus was once again on reach and awareness.

Good moderation of a stream is almost as important as the stream itself.If the streams then take place regularly and over a longer period of time, then awareness and reach are added.

Direct exchange and active community management will continue to be incredibly important in 2021. Recently, communication between customers and companies has changed dramatically. Customer interaction has evolved from traditional call centers and emails to social media and messaging applications (e.g. WhatsApp). Customers move online and expect companies to do the same. Accordingly, customers expect, for example, a quick response from the company to their questions.

Use Social Networks as Tools

If you look at the feature set of Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, you quickly realize what powerful content production tools they have become. Often, content implementation (especially for vertical videos) fails because you haven’t looked into the options available. Also, say goodbye to the idea that content created on, say, Snapchat, should only be published on Snapchat.

You don’t have to create your reels on Instagram. If you can work better with TikTok’s tools, then use TikTok to produce Instagram reels and vice versa. The same goes for Snapchat. Twitter and LinkedIn Stories often still fail because the network’s own tools simply can’t keep up with Instagram, for example, yet. Instead of limiting yourself to the reduced functions, use Snapchat as a tool for your Twitter Fleets.

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