Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine news coverage and Internet usage without social media. The term social media covers a wide variety of digital media and technologies that offer users worldwide the opportunity to get in touch with each other. In addition to chat and messenger services, the platforms also offer the option of sharing digital media such as pictures and videos or setting up their own communities and groups. At the same time, the individual social media channels are constantly being revised so that new features and services are constantly being integrated.

Social media marketing is firmly entrenched in digital marketing. Over 3 billion people use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat. The pace set by social networks is extremely fast. This presents brands and companies with ever new challenges and adjustments.

However, social media is also subject to criticism, and various data protection scandals and discussions about fake news show how powerful social media has become. Privacy, customer support and community management are the drivers of social media marketing and will shape the future of Facebook and Co.

That’s why we created this website, to report about current social media topics and to inform our visitors easily and quickly.

Read all the latest and basic news on the wide spectrum of social media marketing. Find how-tos for Instagram or Facebook, news about TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest, advertising options for YouTube and Twitch, hashtag guides or the best approaches for your influencer marketing.