Instagram News

Instagram is a free, ad-supported online platform for sharing pictures and videos. Instagram has belonged to Facebook Inc. since 2012. The group bought the service two years after its launch for about one billion dollars, which was a record in acquisitions of this kind. Instagram was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

Instagram and its features

Instagram is the most successful app where you can share pictures and videos. It is also one of the 25 best iPhone apps for us. The service is also very popular in the Google Play Store.

Back in 2010, it was only possible to share content via a mobile device. The way via a classic website was and still is excluded. Initially, the feed was the only place where users could add their posts. They were shown in a chronological order. People who follow others are also called followers. All uploaded pictures can also be accessed on profiles as often as desired. In general, every user on Instagram can decide whether they prefer a public or private profile. All images and videos uploaded on a public profile can be viewed publicly – by all Instagram users and even for non-users via the link to the post.

In 2016, Instagram changed the algorithm for posts in the feed. Instead of chronologically, posts are sorted by relevance. That is, the members you interact with the most are the most relevant and their posts appear first.

On Instagram, users can also communicate with each other privately. Via direct messages, users talk to each other, just like on other messengers, for example WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Instagram Stories

In August 2016, Instagram followed Snapchat’s idea and introduced the Stories feature. Similar to Snapchat, users can share posts with friends and followers in their Stories for 24 hours without the pictures and videos being saved on the user’s profile. Posts can be embellished with filters, signatures, GIFs and even music.

Instagram Stories have achieved huge success and are used by users on a daily basis. Influencers in particular stay in touch with the community and keep their followers up to date. Meanwhile, particularly beautiful or important Stories can also be collected as a reminder on the user’s profile.

Importance of Instagram

Instagram now has over one billion active users. Due to the enormous reach, a whole new market developed. This is because more and more users are investing hours every day in maintaining their profile and in their Stories, collecting fans and Likes. Once they have a certain number of followers and corresponding likes, such users can call themselves “influencers. Influencers can be well-known personalities such as stars or C-celebrities, but even the neighbor next door can become a well-known influencer.

Successful influencers enter into collaborations with brands and advertise their products on Instagram. Through the large amount of fans, the brand generates a large reach and ideally increases its sales figures and awareness.


In 2018, Instagram introduced the new app IGTV. This is designed to allow users to post videos that last up to 60 minutes on Instagram. Videos in Insta-Stories can be up to 15 seconds long, and up to 60 seconds in the feed.

Users can also use the IGTV feature in the Instagram app, but only to watch the videos. If a user has published a video via IGTV, his followers receive a notification directly and can watch the post directly.

Regular updates for Instagram

Like any other app, Instagram is in constant development to meet user expectations. Especially in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, regular updates and innovations of the social network are introduced. With our website, we would like to provide you with a platform that summarizes all important news about Instagram. It is important to us to inform our visitors quickly and easily about the latest news.