TikTok Q&A as an Extension of Video Responses puts the Community First

A new Q&A feature is being introduced on TikTok, making direct exchanges with the company’s own community even more interactive.

The new TikTok Q&A feature
TikTok Q&A shared by Matt Navarre

What most people like about TikTok is that well-received features are expanded and developed. Q&A is such a feature. Video responses were among the most used features last year. While Q&As work a little differently on TikTok, the principle of creators and companies responding to community requests remains.

As always, the Q&A feature is being tested with a smaller number of Creators. TikTok confirmed the test to TechCrunch and only Creators with at least 10,000 followers can activate the feature in their Creator account.

How does a TikTok Q&A work?

If TikTok Creator activates the Q&A feature, an additional button appears in the profile. Questions can now be asked via the button. Furthermore, Q&As are also possible for live streams.

At this point, it should be noted that a dedicated Q&A feature is not a new invention by TikTok. There is also such a feature on Instagram and a long time ago, Q&As were also used quite successfully on Facebook.

The advantages of a Q&A are similar to the video answers. On the one hand, you can respond more precisely to the questions and comments of your followers. On the other hand, a Q&A is also very suitable for responding to criticism or taking a clear position.

Whether you want to publish the Q&As live or as a normal video is up to you. Live Q&As are even more dynamic and spontaneous. At the same time, however, they are more difficult to moderate and follow.

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