Viral Success on TikTok: Tips for Viral Content

Over 100 million young people from Europe alone actively use TikTok every month. And yet, many brands are still unsure how they should play on the hype platform. We want to help you understand the channel. We talk about reach strategies, virality, and the best ad formats.

How to create a viral video on TikTok

Tiktok is not perfect and does not want to be perfect. The platform’s charm comes from its imperfect visual language. You can’t just take the embellished Instagram content and try to be successful on the video platform. The platform stands much more for authentic content without beautiful filters and Photoshop.

However, the continuity on TikTok is comparable to the strategy on Instagram. At least one post per day is mandatory to generate reach.

The Chance to Reach Millions

Besides its own language, the algorithm is the big difference between Tiktok and the familiar worlds of Instagram and Facebook. The success is not in the short video format, but in the feed that the algorithm presents to you as a user. It is much more possible than on other platforms to land a viral hit as a nobody. Even famous creators have to convince again with every video to generate reach. This is because users are prominently shown the “For You Page” on Tiktok. The video platform compiles this endless feed of videos based on user behavior – not on subscriptions to various channels, as is the case with Instagram.

Tiktok still offers the chance to go from 0 to 100 quickly and become one of the biggest influencers. Creators will question themselves even more. They’ll have to put in new effort for every post. Maybe that will boost creativity again.

But there are still a few tricks that make viral posts more likely: People need to stay glued to the video. Then it gets played out to others. That creates virality. If you have anything that keeps them glued to the video, it can only go viral. There are always trends on Tiktok to follow, like songs or dances.

This also includes countless hashtag challenges that companies can also call out. According to TikTok, hashtag challenges are among the most popular formats. Many companies support such challenges by engaging female influencers on the platform and placing various advertising formats.

But even with the ads, the Tiktok language takes center stage. If you get the creative right and speak the language of the platform, it can be really successful. If you just run a normal ad like on Instagram, no one will watch it.

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