WhatsApp rolls out new shopping button worldwide

WhatsApp is adding a new shopping button to the app, which makes it easier for customers to view a company’s product catalog.

WhatsApp has added a new shopping button that makes it easier for customers to discover a company’s catalog. Through this button, you can see what goods or services are offered by that business. Facebook says the new button makes it easier for businesses to discover their products, which in turn can help increase sales.

New shopping icon in the app

With the new WhatsApp feature, users will now see a shopping button next to the business account profile. The button looks like a storefront icon. This is a change from the previous setting where a user had to tap on the business account profile to view the catalog. Tapping the shopping button opens the catalog, and users can browse through items.

WhatsApp says this new shopping button is now available globally and will replace the voice call button for business accounts. To find the voice call button, a user can simply tap the call button to select either a voice or video call for the business account.

WhatsApp tests payment systems in India

According to WhatsApp, more than 175 million people send a message to a business account every day, and more than 40 million people view a business catalog every month. In India, the messenger service has launched its payment service, but it is limited to 20 million users for now. The payment service is based on UPI and will allow direct bank transfers from WhatsApp itself. For more information on the payment system in India, check out our blog post on it.

For WhatsApp, integrating shopping on the platform is the next big step. Facebook’s Messenger service eventually hopes to be the one-stop shopping destination where a user can check out the product, message the seller, and ultimately purchase and pay for the product. The user would receive all order details through the chat itself, without ever leaving the platform. However, this functionality is still some time away.

Here’s how to use the shopping button on WhatsApp

Go to any business account on WhatsApp. This could be a business account you chat with regularly, such as a local bakery or a local vendor. If the vendor has uploaded a catalog to their business account, users will see a store icon right next to the account name.

Tapping on the icon opens the catalog, which displays the products offered by the business. You can browse through the product catalog and look at pictures of each product. If you like a product, you can simply tap the Message Business button below each image, which will create a request for that particular product.

Source: blog.whatsapp

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